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Sines in a Page 

The Territorial Management Administrative Department:
Sines Municipality, City Hall, Largo Ramos Costa, 7520-159 Sines, Portugal. Central telephone: (+351) 269 630 600, website www.sines.pt, e-mail: info@mun-sines.pt. Elected mayor: Nuno Mascarenhas (PS).

Location: south western coast of Portugal, in the district of Setúbal and in the Alentejo province. It is bordered on the south by the Odemira Municipality, and on the north and northeast by the Municipality of Santiago do Cacém. Sines is situated 150km from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Area: 202,7 km2 (2001 Census)

Parishes: Sines and Porto Covo

Main Urban Centres: Sines city (capital of Sines Municipality) and Porto Covo (village, seat of Porto Covo parish). 10km from each other.

Population: National Statistics Institute numbers from 31st December 2004 show that 13,613 people lived in Sines (6847 men and 6766 women). The population density at the time was 66,5 inhabitants/km2. The population grew 10% between 1991 and 2001 (2001 census).

Economy: trade and services, ports, polymers, electricity production, fishing and tourism. The main activities in the northern zone are industry and the services. Tourism is the most important activity in the south.  

Foundation of the Municipality: 24th November 1362 (the year in which the King Pedro I raised Sines to the status of a town).

Other Important Historical Dates: 1469 - birth of Vasco da Gama; 1512 - King Manuel I grants Sines its administrative and judicial independence; 1855 - the municipality is made extinct; 1914 – Sines is restored as a municipality; 1970s (installation of the industrial site; 1984 Porto Covo made a parish seat; 1997 – on 12th July, Sines was instated as a city).

Patron Saint and Other Saints: The patron saint is St. Salvador. Our Lady of Salas (Sines) and Our Lady of Soledade (Porto Covo).

Historical Figure: Vasco da Gama, navigator.

Important Monuments and Buildings: Sines Castle, Our Lady of Salas Church, The Mother Church, Sines Arts Centre

Main Events: Tasquinhas Sines - food festival (July), World Music Festival (July), Carnival, Our Lady of Salas Festival (15th August), Our Lady of  Soledade Feasts (30th August), Municipal Day Commemorations (24th November - municipal holiday)

Gastronomy: Dishes that mix seafood and the flavours of inland Alentejo. Migas (Fried breadcrumbs) with fried fish, limpet rice, beans with whelks, whelk salad, roe salad; and so on.

Handicraft: miniature boats.

Climate: Mediterranean climate influenced by the ocean. The average temperature of the hottest month is 20.4º C; the average temperature of the coldest month is 11,1º C (National Statistics Institute, 1999). The average annual rainfall is 719.4mm3.  (NSI, 1999). 

Main Morphological Features: coastal plain (occupying the biggest area), the Cape of Sines, the Eastern escarpment (Cercal Mountains); the highlands of the old Sines volcanic mass in Monte Chãos.

Natural Attractions: Beaches, Pessegueiro Island, Sancha Lagoon, Ribeira dos Moinhos, Morgavel and Junqueira, the northern part of the municipality integrated into the Nature Reserve of the Santo André and Sancha Lagoons. The southern area is included in the Southeast Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Nature Park.

Municipal Strategic Plan: Regulations published by Ordinance 623/90 of 4th August 1990.

Twin-Cities: Santa Cruz (Cape Verde), Évora, Vidigueira, Nisa (Portugal).

Heraldry: Red and golden checked shield, which consists of three columns and five bars. The red bars have two silver lines running through them. There is a silver castle with black background, open with a red light shining through; the central tower bears the golden cross of the Order of Santiago. The castle sits upon six undulating stripes. 

Slogan: “Sines, Land of Discoveries”.

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